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We develop social media marketing strategies specific to your need and execute them for you so you’ll be in front of your customers that gives you genuine business opportunities.


We are here to help give your social media presence a boost.

Your competitor uses social media to capture your customer base. It’s time to brand yourself effectively in social media to boost your business growth. And you need it done well.

We will help you with posting, commenting, engaging, sharing, entertaining, and educating through Social Media. Partnering with an experienced social media marketing agency will help your business grow.


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About Us

A Full Service Agency

Social Media Manila has a team of social media managers based in Metro Manila, Philippines, that has years of experience in multiple various niches. Depending on your objectives as our clients – more engagement, awareness, or a better brand – we will collaborate with you regularly to establish your brand guidelines, persona, and objectives to ensure that your social media is a favorable investment.

Our primary aim is to empower your local business or brand to have the same resources to scale themselves as large corporations at a very affordable price.



What We Offer

Social media marketing

For the last decade, social media marketing services has become an invaluable tool for local businesses to showcase and position their brand to the world. Social media has quickly become a full-fledged business marketing tool for companies. There is no reason you should be left out of the fold.

Website development

Your website is a powerful marketing tool. A well-maintained website can help you gain a competitive advantage and improve your business image. Having a web site offers many benefits including helping you get more customers, increase sales, and  enhance your brand’s credibility.

how we do it

Our process

Our process begins from the very basic and works its way up to achieve your social media marketing goals. We harness the power of social media to build your brand by building bridges that connect you to your target audience through engaging content and genuine interactions.


First, we need to learn all about your business. We will conduct a free consultation to understand your business and identify how we can help build your brand on online. If you have are already on Social Media, or if has a website, we will audit your pages and advise you of how we can improve them.


To ensure the success of your business, we would gather all the necessary information, check out your competition, scope your target market, and invest time and effort to know more about your business to better sell it to your potential customers.


A strategy defines the relationships, their value and sets out a plan to harness them to achieve a particular goal or set of goals. With this in mind, we will develop all the materials to ensure that we are working towards your business goals.


After we finalize the strategy, we will start to implement it on your social media. We will develop content using professional tools to create eye-catching posts and optimize publishing your content across social media. At the same time, we will reach out to your target market.


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