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We’ve helped businesses of all sizes turn their prospect into clients using cost-effective solutions online. We consistently provide great results. No asterisks. No excuses. Just results.


about us

who we are

We love helping businesses break their market’s limitations. We have launched numerous advertising campaigns targeting various countries worldwide and we have worked with many clients on improving their digital marketing presence.

Our team includes highly skilled website designers and developers, digital marketers, social media managers, and graphics designers, who are involved in every aspect of the projects that we do. We are highly creative but at the same time we are data-driven as we believe that digital marketing is the perfect blend of art and science.

how we do it

Our process

Our process begins from the very basic and works its way up to achieve your social media marketing goals. We harness the power of social media to build your brand by building bridges that connect you to your target audience through engaging content and genuine interactions.


First, we need to learn all about your business. We will conduct a free consultation to understand your business and identify how we can help build your brand on online. If you have are already on Social Media, or if has a website, we will audit your pages and advise you of how we can improve them.


To ensure the success of your business, we would gather all the necessary information, check out your competition, scope your target market, and invest time and effort to know more about your business to better sell it to your potential customers.


A strategy defines the relationships, their value and sets out a plan to harness them to achieve a particular goal or set of goals. With this in mind, we will develop all the materials to ensure that we are working towards your business goals.


After we finalize the strategy, we will start to implement it on your social media. We will develop content using professional tools to create eye-catching posts and optimize publishing your content across social media. At the same time, we will reach out to your target market.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you on Facebook?

Yes, we are! You can connect with us through our page: www.facebook.com/SocialManila 

Do you develop a social media strategy? How do you do this?

Yes, we do. We develop your strategy using the data we gathered from analyzing your brand, your previous post and strategy, your audience, and your competition.

Who will be managing my social media account(s)?

Social Media Manila has a team of social media managers based in Metro Manila, Philippines, that has years of experience in multiple various niches. 

Do I need to provide the content?

We appreciate if you have photos and videos that will show a personal insight of your business, but we can work without it as well. We have graphic designers that will design your content to fit your brand using stock images.

Is the content you create used with other businesses, or is it unique and exclusive to my company?

All of our created graphics and videos are made uniquely for you, and we will mix it up by sharing trending articles that are relevant to your brand.

How do you develop social media updates, images and other content for my brand?

We use professional tools like Adobe Photoshop, Aftereffects, etc.

What types of content will you be posting? Will all the updates be about my business?

Yes, and these will be discussed on your free consult.

How will I know what you are posting on my social media channels? Will I see updates before they go live?

We schedule your content a month head to give you ample time to review and provide feedback on the content that will be published for your brand.


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