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We develop social media marketing strategies specific to your need and execute them for you so you’ll be in front of your customers that gives you genuine business opportunities.

We know our stuff

We are experts in social media marketing – we have tried and tested methods that work and we’ve been doing it for a long time.

We collaborate 

We only work with businesses that we understand well. We take care of what your business has to say and how you want to say it. And making sure it’s in line with your brand.


we glamorize

We create effective and eye-catching social media graphics to accompany your written content that speaks your business language.

do you need us?

why choose us

With more than 2 billion worldwide users, your customers are already there. That makes social media a crucial part of your brand’s marketing strategy. From Facebook to Twitter, and various other channels, we are always connected via social media.

Business growth requires a number of approaches, and taking advantage of the services of Social Media Manila’s services helps local businesses in many ways. Whether you are a dental clinic, or a spa, or any other type of business, it is necessary to have an effective social media presence to meet your business goals and stay ahead of your competitors.


affordable marketing solution


Increased Brand Awareness


Build Customer Loyalty


branded graphic designs using professional tools


Consistent Brand Messaging


engage with your customers


Better Customer Satisfaction


Allows You to Use Your Time More Effectively

plan pricing

We love social media and provide you with professional and friendly service, with specialists who are dedicated to you and your brand. Our social media packages are ideal for local brands and businesses that have a limited budget but want to take advantage of social media to promote their brand, product, and services at affordable prices. Our packages can be customized to your needs and requirements.

Take a look at our social media management pricing plans below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you on Facebook?

Yes, we are! You can connect with us through our page: 

Do you develop a social media strategy? How do you do this?

Yes, we do. We develop your strategy using the data we gathered from analyzing your brand, your previous post and strategy, your audience, and your competition.

Who will be managing my social media account(s)?

Social Media Manila has a team of social media managers based in Metro Manila, Philippines, that has years of experience in multiple various niches. 

Do I need to provide the content?

We appreciate if you have photos and videos that will show a personal insight of your business, but we can work without it as well. We have graphic designers that will design your content to fit your brand using stock images.

Is the content you create used with other businesses, or is it unique and exclusive to my company?

All of our created graphics and videos are made uniquely for you, and we will mix it up by sharing trending articles that are relevant to your brand.

How do you develop social media updates, images and other content for my brand?

We use professional tools like Adobe Photoshop, Aftereffects, etc.

What types of content will you be posting? Will all the updates be about my business?

Yes, and these will be discussed on your free consult.

How will I know what you are posting on my social media channels? Will I see updates before they go live?

We schedule your content a month head to give you ample time to review and provide feedback on the content that will be published for your brand.


Your competitor uses social media to capture your customer base. It’s time to brand yourself effectively in social media to boost your business growth. And you need it done well.


We will help you with posting, commenting, engaging, sharing, entertaining, and educating through Social Media. Partnering with an experienced social media marketing agency will help your business grow.


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